Half Moon, Putney - Friday 28th November

a selection of photos from The Pirates last gig of 2008.  Absolutely fantastic - total sell out, great sound quality and the guys were on top form ( I wouldn't mind some of whatever Mike's on !!! )
I took some friends ( see picture #1 ) and, boy, did we drink some Newkie Brown that night !!!!!   Guy McKenzie was there ( see his guitar collection on the LINKS page ) with daughters Iona
and Amanda and regular contributor Alan Mothersole bought his camera as well.   thanks everyone ......

 (l~r) Tony, Mick and David and with Mike, John & Mick Tony and me after a few pints

Guy McKenzie & Mick Iona, Mick and Amanda anything Mick can do ...

Lloyd plays Bass ... whilst John's upfront and then there were 4