I recently bought this original 1963 copy of "Disc" - which was a weekly contemporary of New Musical Express and others of the time. For those of you not around in pre-decimal times; the cover price of 6d equates 2.5p in today's currency.  Mostly I bought it for the story about Johnny Kidd but some of the other stories below make excellent and nostalgic reading.........

Ray (The Big Bloke)

"Liverpool sound ? It's been killed says Gerry" (Marsden) "The sound will stay big on Merseyside, but..."
"Elvis Presley, Ann-Margret...what happened between them ?"  "Is Elvis in love ? They're seldom out of each others sight"
"Sally Ann is the next smash hit from Joe Brown"
"We don't want to stop backing Billy Fury, say Tornadoes"
"Success? it's not having plenty of money, a new car or even a hit record...Brian Poole talks"
"Billy J goes on a "bad to me" spending spree" ...."I bought a German sports coat, a pair of trouser, two new suits and an Italian tweed overcoat"
"Freddie Garrity - Scotland was swinging"
"Hits in a garage by Jan & Dean"
"Bobby Vee to wed by this Christmas"
"Janice Nicholls writes from the Lucky Stars studio"
"Pop singer Bobby Shafto judges 2000 Disc's Beat competition"
Wilfred Brambell ( old man Steptoe) releases "Second Hand / Ragtime Ragabone Man"
"Hamburg's Star Club is so great I'm going back for Christmas.... Johnny Kidd writes for Disc"
"Sssh!! Frank's new car is on the top secret list" - Frank Ifield - although the paper knew the details they kept the secret - old fashioned vales