Report sent in by Ray Gill  re: the Leicester gig at The Musicain - 10th November 2007

All pirates gigs are great and this one was no exception. I was surprised that Mick came on stage with a black stratocaster (that normally stays by the side of the stage as a spare) instead of the trusted telecaster we all know and love. (n.b Mick's Tele was in for repair and promised back in time but wasn't ready when he went to collect it).  I needn't have worried in the end it is not the lump of wood but who is playing it that matters. Mick and co were great The stand out songs were many but "I can tell" "Goin back home" "Please don't touch" "Honey hush" and "Shakin all over" were all fantastic but the truly oustanding performance was the encore of "Baby please don't go" The patter was also great especially the philosophical thoughts of Professor Green on the ageing process. "You're not old till your dead". I can't trhink of another band that still plays with such balls after five decades at it.

For future shows I hope the guys will dip back into their catalogue and give us such great tracks as Ecstacy/I'll never Get over you/ I'm in love again/ Johnny B Good/ All in it Together/ MY BABE/ CASTING MY SPELL/ Some other guy/ Then I got everything. Or they could do Goin Down Geneva.
Heres to the next time.
Ray Gill