tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Ian Brown joined WECC after the extremely successful recruiting campaign in the spring of 2003 and immediately won a place in the team due to the fact WECC only numbered 10 members at the time. Only joking, it was really nine. Nevertheless he quickly beat his way into our good books by actually wanting to come on tour, rather than having to be beaten up into doing so. This bodes well for the future, however the rest of us became well aware that we were to face stiff opposition both on the field, and afterwards at the bar.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Ian really enjoys his cricket but his initial forays with the willow on '03 were often thwarted before getting much of a chance to really get going. At one time, it appeared that in a succession of innings he did everything right, doggedly fending off good deliveries and picking off the really bad ball only to receive a real ripsnorter of an unplayable ball (probably the bowler in question's best ever delivery) at the wrong time. That, or the delivery was so bad it was unplayable. It was just as if for Ian, it wasn't destined to be going to go right for a while. Not one to give up lightly, grim determination changed Ian's fortunes and before long a half-century was chalked up against his name in the cub record books.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Ian has many good points, it's just that we have yet to find all of them. Being a friend of Johnno Greathead, well, anything's possible. He fully acquitted himself on tour 2003 with full honours and although we can't explain the exact details how, we can say that if he had the bottle to do that, then we can't refrain but enter him into the WECC Hall OF Fame with immediate effect. Heh heh heh, good old boy. I wonder what flavour it was.

P.S. We love the way his hairline 'waterfalls' off his forehead in the photo.

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RHB, Med
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A worn bin
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In own BRA
I own barn
Robin Wan
Baron Win
Wino barn
Brian won
Own brain
Ion brawn

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