tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Dave H. had many "guest" appearances for us before taking the plunge (and a cold shower) to be a more regular addition to the side. Although batting down the order he shines in the field where he runs like a whippet after the ball, returning it fast. Last season Dave H. shared duties with Kev behind the stumps (Better than in FRONT-Ed), though thankfully not at the same time. He is pictured in Trigger's hat (right) which was a rather brave move as he looks pretty daft in it at the best of times.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Dove Heron been known to go slightly silly at the mention of "sand" and then proceeds to mock-empty the stuff from (almost) every available orifice of his and anyone else in the vicinity. Not a good idea. However staying in Cornwall with the hotel being but fifty feet from a HUGE expanse of the stuff, what do you expect? Returning from the "Watering Hole" beach bar on the '99 tour he dispatched guest tourist Dazza into the rather murky and smelly depths of the river that cuts a swathe across Perranporth beach. Oh, how we laughed as in no uncertain terms Dazza declared Dave H's imminent demise. Thus, with Dazza chasing hard, Dave exited the bar past the outdoor pool and over a low wall. It was ten minutes before we saw him again as that particular wall is meant to stop people wandering blindly over a sheer twelve-foot drop into the dustbins. Sweet revenge!

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Dave married his girlfriend Mel in September 2000. Not bad, two in one year. No, not for Dave, we mean him AND Jay Stephens.  PS. Don't ask Dive Hurricane about Tim's missing car on tour in '99. He knows NOTHING AT ALL about it has no wish in any way to be implicated in such dirty deeds. Anyway, if he had been involved, he would've have parked it somewhere other than he did (Whoops-ED).

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RHB, W'keeper
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France have rude baby
Abbey have carer fund
Chef bury Nevada bear
Heavy Fran barbecued
Brave hare defy Cuban
Arab fund every beach
Baby have furred acne
Navy rehab deaf Bruce
Andy have rubber face
Bandy arch beau fever

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