tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Jonno joined about the same time as Craig, a double-blow for the ancient amongst us. Showed some early promise toward the end of the 1999 season, ably demonstrated by swatting a quickie or two away seemingly without due care but just enough attention. Surprisingly, fast bowlers are not known for their jolly good-naturerd banter at such events occurring to THEM. It's amazing what the feeling of "Scared Witless"(!) can do to/for a batsman. Johnno has matured over the last couple of years into a solid batsman who'll dig in and stay there if the occasion calls for it. This dogged style has earned him some good scores.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   When Johnno joined WECC it was Dave Hurren who had the keepers' job in 1999. There were times though during this inaugural season of his when he proved capable of taking over as and when required, his goal-keeping ability standing him in good stead for the job. Has a good arm in the field which serves him just as well at the bar - we got it on good authority (from our milkman) that Jonno received plenty of essential training for his virgin tour which eventually took place in the summer of 2003. He made a natural pair with Ian Brown and we don't mean ducks, demonstrated by their sharing a room. However, talking of wildlife there was time aplenty and of course goats are to be found in abundance virtually everywhere you go in Cornwall.....(Stop this!-Ed)...ahem. A true member of the Temperance team, just like Craig.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   For a club whose fielding can be wanting on occasion we've been embarrassed for wicketkeepers over the years. Think Jay Stephens, Kev Cheeseman, Dave Hurren and Ben Pudney .... Thinking about it though, it's a great position to throw yourself about AWAY from the general direction of the ball, looking good-ish at the same time.... It's worth mentioning his brother Chris here. Chris has turned out for WECC sometimes when we were short. He is still the only fielder I know who can stop a four with his head and feel nothing!

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LHB, W'keeper
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Johnno, theres no doubt about it
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Jade ran a heat thong
He ran not a death Jag
Reagan, he hadn't a jot
A Ghana-hater? Not Jed
John heat Ada Garnet
Joan Hardhat, age ten
Jed Hahn on a regatta
A teen Rajah thong ad
Jon, he'd rent a Agatha
Ragnet ahead John, ta!

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