tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Andy Horn emanates from the heart of Yorkshire and is a mild and affable new member of our li'l ol' squad. He comes complete with a nice, dry sense of humour, which is possibly not surprising, coming as he does from Holmfirth, famous the world over (well, over Yorkshire anyway) as backdrop to the long running television comedy "Last Of The Summer Wine".

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   On starting the 2003 season with WECC, Andy didn't get much of a chance to settle down and put together much of an innings. It's always a little difficult in the early days of most things but as with other recent incumbents the constant change from indoor nets to outside games probably didn't helped much. His bowling was a revelation though, and he constantly challenges batsmen with an accurate and testing series of deliveries topped off with (appropriately enough) a wicked, late-swinging yorker. Andy's typical luck for much of 2003 was to beating the bat on many occasions, but more often just failing to find the edge. He can consider himself to be a tad unlucky not to have taken more wickets. His dogged persistence was best demonstrated during the challenging game at Westfield Saints on August 10th. Pressure was well and truly applied to slow a steady flow of runs down to a trickle and keep us in the game. To his credit, Andy picked up two clean bowled's and an lbw in a fine 4-wicket haul.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   We have established that his nickname is "Gromit" although it's hard to see why as his good looks are more akin to Gromit's owner Wallace. We understand the connection is Peter Sallis with his dulcet (some say dull) Yorkshire tones, although it's hard to see why as Gromit doesn't speak. Never mind. As with Ian Brown, if you take a look at the anagrams on the right, you'll see that even with limited letters there are some interesting, if not downright "handy" combinations pumped out.

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Ron Handy
Dan Horny
Dr. Ann Hoy
Hon. Randy
Dr. Yon Han
Horny DNA
Danny Rho
Haydn Orr
Ann Hydro
Ah, non-dry

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