tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Mike has played for us for many a year, although for a couple of years in the mid-1990's his appearances were unfortunately sporadic due to his attending University. We thought it was work but they're actually two entirely different things. This cavalier of the crease is at home in the middle order but can easily adapt to whatever position he gets shoved into / is available. His record boasts many innings in the 30's and 40's but at Tilford in 2001 Mike scored his first half-century, a mean knock of 86 (only 16 were not off boundaries). We knew he had it in him (we knew he something in him-Ed). We knew he had something in him. (I just said that!-Ed). These days you'll find Mike coming in down the order as he easily qualifies as an all-rounder.

5 (at indoor nets)
2 (during run-up)
3 (at the bar)
3 (tying shoelaces up)
25 (shutting pavilion door)

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   An arched back and high bowling action enables Mike to extract that little bit "extra" from a wicket, giving the resulting delivery the ability sting a bit if you don't watch out. The Millennium year saw Mike partnering Jowallika or Beefy in opening the bowling more and some accurate spells helped in paving the way toward some fine wins. He's also bowling quicker than ever. To celebrate this fact we've added a statistical counter (oh, you noticed-ED) to keep everyone in touch with how many Mike puts INTO touch, if not into hospital. A nice touch. Or maybe we're touched. Only joking.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   T'was during the Bisley game in 2000 that Mike uttered something about a problem "with my Achilles," whereupon we all burst out laughing 'cos it sounded like "Mike Hillies." Ahem, you had to be there, really you did. Although I've known him for years (1992 and 1999 spring to mind), I can only ever remember hearing of one nickname for him. "Holsten." As in "Holsten Pils," rhymes with Hills, etc..... Hmmm....zzzzz....

blankbutt.gif (839 bytes)
RHB, RA Med-fast
blankbutt.gif (839 bytes)
Mike Hills - Holsten Pils, Henlost Lisp, Thenol Spils, Hollis spent, olshisl tepn....
blankbutt.gif (839 bytes)
Keen Hill slosh Tim
This'll keel him, son
He'll hit Miss Knole
Kills on his helmet
Helen Hill, Kim Toss
Him kill Ethels' son
"No-Sink Hills" Theme
Milk on these hills
I'll honk Slim Sheet
Hee Honk slit Mills

blankbutt.gif (839 bytes)

blankbutt.gif (839 bytes)


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