tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Along with "Beefy" Turner and "Trigger" Barrett, Adrian is one of the three "veterans" from the 1985 line-up who inherited the club and all who sailed in her. This one-time colt who recently celebrated his thriftieth, sorry, thirtieth birthday soon made his mark with the ball, his natural swing often the deciding factor in contributing a goodly haul of wickets. This swing "bends both ways" as it were though, as one or two wides over the years proves. It does work in his favour at times when the straight ball comes after three not so straight ones to whip the bails off. Sometimes.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   His speciality is the one that bends with the arm, of course AFTER he's bowled the ball. On his day he could get the ball to swing a long way so perhaps it's just as well that a President's day past with all its jollity saw the club's first ten-ball over from Adrian. It WAS very windy, after all. Sadly, other commitments had made it difficult for "Bertie" to play on more than a few occasions in recent years. He can breathe more easily now - Ben Pudney managed an even dozen deliveries during one over on tour in 2002. Sadly for Ben, there was no excuse, not even the hint of a gentle breeze to be felt to give him one. And one is all it takes.... (Stop this at once! - ED)

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Adie has always had a natural eye with the bat, for example at Grayswood in 1994 where he top-scored in the middle order, all others having fallen by the wayside. More recently, due to a preponderance of bowlers Adie has concentrated on developing into a cavalier middle order bat. The opposition have often made the mistake of thinking Adrian is as innocuous as he appears when coming in. It can be about 50/50 or even 60/40 (what's 10 between batsmen?) but when he's got his eye in and the willow actually connects with leather the bowler can only sigh in despair, another accurate delivery is slogged to the boundary with the minimum of respect, thanks to Adie's intuitive timing. His inimitable style was ably demonstrated on the 2002 tour game at Mount Hawke where he top scored with 44, an even 40 more than his next highest score all year!

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Opposing fielders have been heard muttering during late Summer evenings, complaining that they cannot see the ball due to the sun's glare off of his forehead. Tough, we say, and pass the varnish.

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Adie Lamberth - mind the glare
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Trite Beldam harebrain
Marinate their dabbler
Damnable Harriet Tribe
Brier hatted lamebrain
Tahititan rambler breed
Tim "randier breath" Bale
Imitable barren dearth
Nimble diarrhea batter
Marian Blither, debater
Meritable brain dearth

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