tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   John McDonald is the name of John McDonald, from the body of the same name. John, owner of the aforementioned body, was the first recruit from the recent drive to attract more players. That unique introduction hides the fact that no-one is more enthusiastic about the game than John. He had no hesitation about becoming the new Secretary at 2004's Annual General Meeting. Playing-wise, he has developed an extremely frustrating technique that, while he can miss swinging and cutting deliveries that may be, wide of the mark, he nevertheless proceeds to dig out the seriously on-target ones. This has proved quite invaluable during recent games for, while runs flew from the other end, John was able to clam up and just stay there for a while till that bit of freedom comes around again. It is set indelibly on record that he was the top scorer at an overcast Tilford in 2003, providing plenty of entertaining shots against some quite good bowlers.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   One must not overlook his willingness to look after the growing WECC colts section at net practises. The enthusiasm of the youngsters is in no doubt, and John has worked hard to keep them genuinely interested in their advancement and development, no mean feat in today's climate where many other colourful attractions and distractions pulls youth from the Beautiful Game. As a result of his encouragement, the colts are slowly, but surely coming together and developing a collective personality of their own. 

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The anagrams were a bit of a challenge: with only three vowels to play with, even finding five was a struggle, let alone ten. Never mind, a better range will eventually arrive, with the addition of a (as yet unknown) nickname.

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Damn cold, John
Hon. Jan M. Clodd
Nod, John McLad
Donald McJohn
Doc. L. Johann, M.D.
D.J. Hood McLann,
Johann L. McOdd
Oh, Ann L. J. McOdd
Don McJohnald
John Clod Damn

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