tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Matt Oliver. He's not a bad lad. A cricketer of some distinction. Jollies everyone along. best joker in the changing room. buys everyone beers. No, honestly. Ah well, having got that out of the way, prepare for the character assassination.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Matt joined WECC after the recruitment campaign which, up until then, had been wholly successful in avoiding him. He's a good batsman who'll do an excellent of staying at the crease up to half an hour for both his runs. He'll get out if he's got the runs, though. What is true though is that Matt is a bit of a joker in the pile. Shamley Green was the venue during his inaugural year (1993) with the club for one of THE remarks of the season. Our changing room had a lavatory off it with a few handrails to assist the less mobile amongst ourselves. That's right, the bowlers after a couple of overs. Anyway, he looked in at tea-time and said "Have you seen this? It's like a sexual gymnasium in there!" which - unsurprisingly - left all present in helpless fits of laughter.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   He can bowl a bit too, although exactly what bit of what he actually bowls has never been stated. A couple of steps and here he is at the crease like he's never been away, and indeed he never has, allowing everyone else to field the ball for him. But enough of the bad balls, he's seen the doctor who nearly gave him the all-clear. Matt makes a good change bowler, spinning the ball quite alarmingly and altering the pace of the innings at a stoke. Exactly, the batsman has a stroke as Matt takes his wicket and the game comes to a standstill.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   He's taken wickets as well to turn a game in our favour by getting out the good batsman. In fact, if we were to say Matt turns a good one out, we wouldn't be entirely wrong, would we?

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RHB, Spin
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Tom at liver
Oval T.T. mire
lover at Tim
Olive T. Tram
To trim veal
To Vim later
Til' rat move
Lit art move
Melt Ivor, ta!
Tom Ver Tail

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