tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Ben is another young recruit, coming to us by way of his good friend Craig Weston. Ben previously played as a colt with Valley End but wished to play more actual cricket so jumped ship to join our ranks of the best of rank. He's quite an all-rounder; Ben takes up the gloves for stints behind the stumps from time to time and can throw himself about, saving quite a few runs off loose deliveries. At the current time he specialises in consolidating the top order, or so he'd like us to think. Bens' innings take on one of two forms, either building a steady score or flashing the blade in true, blue-blooded Cavalier fashion. Ben shows plenty of promise with some classy-looking strokes while wielding his lump of willow. If he's wielding anything else, then we are not available for comment.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   One thing that really makes Ben fit in well with the rest of us scumbags is a gentle, humorous, and viciously cutting tongue, now all we need to do is show him how to apply this style to his batting. Ben was one of the runners-up in 2000 for the hotly-contested "Quack Quack Oops" award for - yes, you've guessed it - most ducks. Don't feel bad, Ben, you're in excellent company - the previous years' winner Jay Stephens was often in the running for that most prestigious of awards despite usually appearing in the top few for the end of season batting averages.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   In the best traditions of WECC mickey-taking I have taken the liberty of assigning the nickname "Cutter", if only to give me more options in the anagram stakes, and they're some of the best the generator could come up with, I'm sure you'll agree. (What? You think I do them all myself?!?). Ben (whose real nickname apparently is "Pudders") threatened to come on tour next time round. Oh yes indeed, another fine sacrificial offering to the Hop (Steady on, old chap! - Ed).

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RHB, RA Med, Wk
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Undetect ruby pen
Deep cutter bunny
Undecent puberty
Cubed punnet tyre
Preened nutty cub
Butted creepy Nun
Betty Dunce Prune
Cute ruby pendent
Prudence buy tent
Punctured by teen

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