tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Introducing Lew West, an extremely mild-mannered young chap who beats the skins for a living. Sounds rather desperate dear reader, doesn't it. Actually, Lew is a drummer, a hard-working and more than decent drummer at that. For the rather more important sporting side of things, Lew is solid batsman with a keen eye and adventurous nature. His bowling is tight, pacey and focused. All in all, a well-rounded (That's Beefy, surely? - Ed), well balanced (Okay, not Beefy - Ed) individual.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Right then, that's the contractual obligation bit out of the way. Watch out, Mike Hills - the competition is here. The low-down on Lew? Never face this man in the nets. If you happen to experience this misfortune, do a low-down and GET low down, oh, and DO wear a helmet. You see, as a bowler, he's as mean as they come and views that shadowy, white-clad, knees-a-knockin' figure at the other end as the enemy, nay, Public Enemy Number One even, whose sole purpose in cricketing life is to get in the way of his thrashing those stumps clean out of the ground. A touch of impatience can be felt, heard and tasted (not necessarily in that order, either), which manifests itself by odd blasts of steam shafting out of his ears.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The other side of Lew's coin, of course, comes with the bat. A work of art to most cricket-lovers, any beautifully crafted slice of English willow fast can become a rather dangerous weapon in his hands. Timing is a necessity in his day-to-day job, and Lew applies the same maxim to his batting. Sleight of hand transmogrifies a gentlr push into a well-timed and executed boundary. And that's the two sides of Lew.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   As he is a skin-beater by trade, it matters not where the hide originates. If you are simply standing in the field, stand back in awe and pity the bowler. Be grateful it's not your hide he's administering a thrashing to - metaphorically speaking of course. 

Photograph published with permission. 'Cos I asked him. So there.

"Hey Man"
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RHB, Med-fast
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Snowy EMU lathe
Wheal me, Snouty
Stu Lew Mahoney
So humanely wet
Stu "Money" Whale
Menus to Hawley
Ow! Me haley nuts
Went Lewsy, ahem
Why menu so late
We mount Ashley

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