tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The Rt. Hon. Craig Cuthbert Weston Q.C. (true-ish!) joined WECC during 1999 and the triumvirate of him, "Johnno" and Ben form the new youth in the club, which has made a happy man very old. Coming from a sporting family Craig shows promise with both bat and ball. He times the ball well with the willow and it's been said (probably by Dazza) that as a bowler, Craig enjoys a good length. One Millennium game saw the deaf opposition scorer mark down Craig the bowler as "Stevenson!" Not even close. More recently Craig has displayed a talent with the gloves, and shown more than a little ability as a wicketkeeper.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Enjoyed his first tour (1999) as a "Tour Virgin", even sharing the journey down in the company of our esteemed President. Both looked forward with trepidation to their initiation ceremony, especially as we can find a plentiful supply of goats at our disposal. Only joking, it's Sheep in Cornwall....(Don't go there - Ed). The Millennium tour is one to remember, if only because the others stitched him up. Recall the Blottery, if you will. Craigs' numbers were 1 through to 6. Shame when four came up in one draw, followed by three the very next round (Who's next round? - Ed). He should have known better for Jowalliker once tried this trick of 1 - 6 in Cornwall. He genuinely thought the chances of many combinations of those numbers coming up were small. How wrong he was, although then it truly was the laws of chance. Honest, Guv.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   A true sportsman to the end, Craig was batting in a recent game and the bowler rapped his pads, appealing for LBW in the most positive fashion. No sooner had the Umpire's finger gone up when Craig replied "Fair enough!" and off he trotted. Hmmm. Well, WE thought it was funny at the time. AND we hadn't had a drop, goodness we are slipping...

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"Don't show my mum..."
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Arabic Congo newts
Tobaccoes warning
Ocean towing crabs
Carbo-octane wings
Cabin escort wagon
Corona bangs twice
Acting bores Cowan
Bacon acting worse
Ascot Banco winger
Cowans bingo crate

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