tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   One of the veterans from the mid Eighties, Adrian just keeps rolling on, arm getting lower each year in relation to the waistline getting larger. It's all a question of balance, you see, and he rarely manages to keep his. Without alcohol. Actually won the bowling award in 1990 and since then it's been downhill all the way - that's the end he prefers to bowl from these days. Given up on his his claim to have lost weight - by doing his trouser-belt up a couple of notches he WAS the "Michelin man." Held the prestigious "You're Shit - aarrgghh! award" for three years running, a club record. He says that's enough (see below).

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The original "Trigger" appendage came about for raising his index finger whilst umpiring, allegedly before the bowler had lodged an appeal. Garbage, the ball WAS on line and the batsman was NOT six feet down the wicket. Just don't ask the batsman (Paul "Doc" Bates for the record), that's all. On the other hand another of his nick-names, "Barripper" is the name of a Cornish team we played on tour in 1998. No, it makes no sense to us, being another Tim Lamb creation but everyone uses it anyway....

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Announced his intention to spin for WECC in 2000. This proved a wholly successful strategy right up to bowling his first ball of the season. As such, by the end of the tour (ie the first two games of the SEASON) he had staked his claim for the "Your Shit - AARRGGHH!" award for THE rotten over of the year: 25 and counting (a single, tree fours and two sixes), just waiting for that last six (or is it twelve) to come down in the adjoining field. Video footage of this unique event exists, with Jason Walliker giving his totally encouraging commentary! After this, he reverted to medium-pace swing and cut, which vastly reduced his average to about 36.00. Never mind, the award he set his heart on never winning again was once again his. Now bowls at a directionally-challenged medium pace on the basis that if the bowler doesn't know where the ball is going, what chance does the batsman?

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   At the 2000 Annual Awards Evening, Adrian was presented with a limited edition, cut-glass book from the Hundredth Test at Lords (which England amazingly won) in recognition of his work for the club.

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Irritant retard beggar

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Ratter tarring a bridge
Grating rarebit retard
Brigadier Grant Ratter
Tart rigger, brain-rated
Irritant dater bragger
Bitter gartering radar
Trait regarding barter
Darting barrier target
Retiring tartar badger
Retard arbiter trader

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