tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Standing tall as a barn door with a bat to match, "Jowallika" has three batting modes - the "steady as you go" run compiler, the "haven't got a clue" state of confusion but most often (thankfully) the almighty "fetch that!" big-hitter. In the latter style and using his Willow tree-trunk he made one of the few centuries (certainly the fastest) for West End in 1991 - a standout season for him. He joins Tim Lamb, Matt Balkwill and Jason Stephens in a select band of century-makers in the 'modern era' of the club. In 1991 he was also chief wicket-taker, on three separate occasions taking seven opponents scalps - the combined 21 wickets costing a fraction over five runs apiece!

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The latter part of 2000 was another notable purple patch, for example at Chobham his input sealed our victory there: two of his three sixes smashed roof tiles on the pavilion! In fact Jason ended the season with an average of over fifty - another milestone. Sadly, he didn't bat enough times to qualify for the Hull Award but the feat was recognised at that years' Awards evening with a special prize of a glass tankard from the Hundredth Test Match at Lords that same Summer. Nice one.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Bowling is via a strong, high action and confuses many a batsman (and wicket-keeper) with a wide variety of deliveries. His stock ball starts two feet outside the off-stump only to dip and swing in late onto the middle and leg before whipping your shins away from under you. More recently he's getting the ball to swing both ways, this no doubt contributing to Jays' decisive regaining of the bowling trophy from Howard in 2000. Jason was holidaying on the Isle Of Wight this year at the same time as we were touring there, even taking charge of the Video camera at the Ventnor game. Trigger/Barripper remembers this with affection, his worst bowling spell ever (winner of the "You're Shit - AARRGGHH) being recorded for posterity. Thanks Jay.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   His name occasionally gives the opposition scorers a bit of difficulty. On copying the scorebook up one week in 2000 we discovered we'd opened our attack with a bloke called "Honicker!" West End's biggest laid-back star has occasionally been heard to mutter "I can't be bothered today" before compiling yet another six or seven wicket haul or a belting fifty. Mind you, If he laid back any further he would be horizontal.

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RHB, RA Med-fast
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Lobbing railway jokes
Bingo boiler jaywalks
Billowing jokey Arabs
Jailbreaking lowboys
Aw Joan, oblige briskly
Always looking jibber
Wobbly soaking jailer
Joking wobbly aerials
Bargain jowly obelisk
Jingly Serbia Lawbook

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