tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   As a believer and committed member of WECC, "Beefy" was responsible for picking up the club in the late 1980's and breathing a new lease of life into it and the fruits of his labours are here for all to see today. For a time he held the positions of Secretary, Fixture Secretary and joint Treasurer simultaneously while being the Commander in chief, as it were. Having managed to farm out most of the extra duties involved with running a cricket club he was accepted as our Vice-Captain in 2001, forming a good leadership team with the then Captain Matt Balkwill for two seasons. When Matt stepped aside Beefy took over the top position in 2003, in time for the opening of the new pitch on the President's day - a day he'd worked tirelessly toward for most of the previous decade. 2003 also saw him join the West End Village Society.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   At the crease he sensibly likes to hit fours, thus enabling him to rest between the bursts of hasty, inertia-driven singles that inevitably occur when he occupies the crease for any length of time. His reliable bowling skills, often as opener won him the Elson Trophy for best bowler in 1999. Good performances were had against the likes of Windlesham and Bisley (4-22 and 5-54 respectively), in contrast to 1998 where he ran away with the "You're Shit - AARRGGHH!" award for the worst over of the season. (That's an 'orrible award, Barripper won it three times on the trot when it merely symbolised ANYthing bad to deserve it!) In addition, he is a brilliant slip-fielder.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   One-time wicketkeeper Duncan Perry, bored during a slow game, wandered over to first slip and gave a "Wicketkeepers Rub" to Beefy's ears at first slip. Beefy responded with a "Slip-Slap" in the best Eric Morecambe tradition. The origins of what happened next when Dave Lamb wandered over for a "Gully Grope" are unclear. Oh, deep joy. One long-ago game saw him appeal for leg-before wicket, momentarily forgetting the fact he was umpiring at the time. At least he gave our man not out, much to the confused bowler's distress.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Howards' incessant desire to enjoy himself on tour is borne out quite well during a rendition of the Four Seasons' "Sherry." Re-entitled "Shirley" (for reasons that will become obvious if you read President Petes' Page) Howard led the rest of us in what became a multi-purpose 'tribute' song to half the tourists in this 3-minute-plus MP3. (unsuitable for the very old, the very young, those on the turn, those just going off, young dogs and Ben Pudney.)

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The February Wonder
Often Brewed. Hurray!
Henry Drew Beaufort
The newer, broad fury
Arthur Beefy Wonder
Fourth-year Web nerd
Wanted of beer - hurry!
Dewey hero afterburner
Bye now, rude Father
Harrowed beefy runt

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