tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   Peter Lamb had made many "guest" appearances before accepting our invitation to become President between 1998 - 2001. He then became the first reigning President to tour with the lads. Brave soul. Made history when attaining an unprecedented FOUR numbers in one Blottery Draw (4 = 2 pints or Doubles AND it wasn't a stitch-up!). Come the Annual Awards Evening however and, good sport that he is, Pete downed his remaining Blottery in front of all. See the picture. Despite all our mickey-taking Pete gave as good as he gets, and puts some of us to shame on the field where his speciality position is Fine Leg - each over - thus running miles more than us (especially with your bowling-Ed)!

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The photo depicts the strange look given to Jowallika's "Rush" - a pint of cider with a sherry-glass of Crème De Menthe clanking inside - accompanied by the words "B#@~?$ks to that!" as the glasses chinked his teeth while trying the obviously disgusting concoction. For the record, Jowallika's face was just as funny, screwing up on impact as the aftertaste kicked in within the confines of his cake-hole. Not a pretty sight. He was not a happy man. Nor was President Pete, either. Not happy men at all.

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The unforgettable image is of Pete on the Millennium cricket tour to the Isle of Wight. The itinerary usually includes an evening out at a local nightclub. So off we went, inviting the old feller out along the way as we didn't want to make him feel left out. Left out? A few of the younger ones couldn't even get in the club, if they did they would have been worn out while Pete still danced the night away, a bird on each arm (Shirley not! I hope you're joking!- Ed). Actually, he was supporting a couple of us on the way home...

tiniball.gif (219 bytes)   The previous play on words refers to an occurrence on the Millennium Tour. Pete remarked to a barlady that she reminded him of a girl he once knew called Shirley. No doubt Marion, Helga, Ermintrude or whatever her name was, was dead chuffed when he announced "I'll call you Shirley!" And he did, all night. In remembrance of this (and with more than a nod to the Four Seasons) we serenaded Pete in the taxi van on the way home from a restaurant the following night. Along with other lyrics, it was captured on tape, and you can still hear it here (MP3 format, 3m 18s, 582KB). You may (team members certainly will) discover other notable occurrences from the same tour set to music(?).

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LHB, LA slow
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Breast inplanted pee
Pimp street enabled
Made better nipples
I'm best, plant deeper
Dames' better nipples
Best lamented piper
Bald, inept, mere pest
Ripped, beaten, smelt
Bent, desperate limp
Stripped beetle man


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