West End Cricket Club
a.k.a. A bunch of &?@%s.

well, as you're here and obviously bored...


Cubic Deck Welt Stern Wet End Crest Lick Cub
We End Trick Sect Club Duke Welt - CBS Centric
Cecil Brent Duck Stew We'd Struck Bent Cecil
Cult Brew Decent Sick Cubic Scent Lewd Trek
Cedric Beck - Newt Slut Nick Cuttle Beds Crew
Belt Deck Screw Tunic West Cleric Bent Duck
Dick Cutler Web Scent Benedict Cluck Wrest
Buck Eccles - Dirt Newt New Crib Deck Scuttle
Debt Sicken Crew Cult Stew Neck Credit Club
Wild Bucket Crescent Wick Scent Elect Drub
Dick Nettle Screw Cub Screw End Ticket Club
Club Wreck Scent Diet Crew End Tick Set Club
Crib Detect Luck News Wreck Its Decent Club
Bus Crew Detect Clink Clerk Wed Scenic Butt
Eccles Twin Bed Truck Celtic Dent Wreck Bus
Decent Stub Lick Crew Deck Cleric Went Bust
Bet Screw Duck Client Cretin Sect Blew Duck
Best Duck Went Circle "Cutlet" Ben Screw Dick
NBC Electric Wet Dusk Secret Bid Went Cluck
Web Centric Deck Slut Stew Kent Club Cedric
West Neck Drub Celtic Clint Buck Wet Screed
Brew Cent Sickle Duct Bern Eccles - Duck Twit
Berwick Descent Cult We Struck Celtic Bend
Click Screw Need Butt Decent Crew Lick Bust
Bent Drew Suck Celtic Clint Becker Scud Wet
West Neck Circlet Bud Dickens Crew Cut Belt
Cecil Derck Went Bust Centric Club Wet Desk
West Beck Cinder Cult Cult Bend Secret Wick
Bert Dew - Succinct Elk Clint Custer Web Deck
Tick Blew Crude Scent Beck Direct Cult News
Blunt Sect Wreck Dice Bert Knew Celtic Scud
Bed Stencil Wreck Cut West Deck Cretin Club
Brice Cluck Dent West Ben Celtic Duck Wrest
Wick Tend Secret Club Bruce Welt Dick Scent
Bud Scent Tickle Crew Beck Circus' Lewd Tent
Wed Cent Stickle Curb Cult Den Bisect Wreck
We'd Bisect Tern Cluck We Scent Dulcet Brick
Web Cent Stickle Crud Brew Succinct Ted Elk
Club Crew Detest Nick Stew Bed Cretin Cluck

If you're reading this, hell, you ARE bored.


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